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What is a Concussion, and How Does Cannabis Help?

Concussions are a fairly common type of head injury. Whether from a bad fall, car accident, or a fight that got out of hand, most of us have either experienced a concussion firsthand or know someone who has. Unfortunately, concussions are probably commonplace to the...

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Suffering No More From Post Concussion Syndrome

By: teamhealthcareclinic Because of a concussion that Noah suffered he experienced headaches, cloudy thinking, and dizziness. Not only did he experience an emotional rollercoaster, but soon he noticed his grades were suffering. His neurologist prescribed medications,...

Traumatic Brain Injury and Cannabis

By: Sean Frame Debbie Wilson was in her second year of law school and when her family and She went out to lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken out of town and She was backed over by a 16 year old going the wrong way against the arrows She was taken to a small hospital that...

Cannabis for Treatment & Prevention of Traumatic Brain Injuries

By: GreenBridgeMed Dr. Alan Frankel hosts this video regarding the use of cannabis and the prevention and treatment of traumatic brain injury today. If you were a member of the Israeli military and sustained a head injury you would receive cannabidiol or CBD in the...

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